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CWLA is based on the collegiate system of governance where delegates from the seven Member Organisations form the National Council, the governing body of CWLA, and Council members are authorized by their respective bodies to make decisions on their behalf. The National Council has such powers as are necessary to enable the CWLA to carry out its Aims and objects and the authority to act as necessary to further the Aims and Objects of CWLA (CWLA Constitution Para 6B).   The CWLA National Executive executes the decisions and policies of the National Council as well as conducting and managing the day to day business of CWLA (CWLA Constitution Para 18A and C).

Our National International Secretary, National Bioethics Convenor and the National Social Issues Convenor are non-voting members of the National Council but have the right to engage in discussion and debate. The WUCWO Board Member Australia also attends National Council Meeting and also has the right to speak but not the right to vote.

Our Research Officer assists the National Executive and National Convenors by undertaking research and the primary drafting of documents; preparing submissions for Parliamentary Committees of Inquiry; and conducting her own research under the direction of the National President.


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