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The Catholic Women’s League Australia 45th National Biennial Conference was held in Melbourne this week... The 3-day national conference was titled ‘Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life’.

Sometimes it is the unwelcome passage of years, or the banal paraphernalia or the unbridled consumerism of children's birthday parties today which make us dread or despise birthdays and anniversaries.

In fact birthdays, and the real celebrations they betoken, are central both to the Christian year and to the ethos of life which Christians share with so many people of good will.

22-16-thefirst-pg27 100For several decades, sociologists and psychologists have identified the key contribution made by engaged, tender and stable fathers (and father figures) to the academic, sexual and character development of girls. The importance of fathers in the maturation and sociological integration of children has also been a lively question in the wake of the recent London riots.

The current Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the “Options and Mechanisms to Increase Organ Donation in Victoria” has been seeking submissions to inform its investigation of ethical, community and legal measures which will assist in increasing the rates and efficiency of organ donation in the State.

It is worth noting that there seem to be deep emotional and ethical concerns which prevent Australians, many of whom approve of organ donation in theory, from agreeing to donation for themselves or their deceased family members.

Mary-Glowrey-Obstetrics-Training 100Gifts of feminine genius: Protecting nascent faith and nascent life

In the 8 December issue of The Record (“Mary Glowrey and Pope Benedict fought same battle for culture of life”) we began to highlight some of the interesting and timely themes emerging in Pope Benedict’s Advent preaching for the new Church year.

Mary-Glowrey-Treating-patients 100Red-Letter Advent: Awakening consciences to nascent mystery

“Every beginning brings a special grace, because it is blessed by the Lord,” so Pope Benedict XVI opens a new Church year and the liturgical season of Advent 2010 (Homily 27 November 2010). This Advent marks two very notable “beginnings” for Australia, the Church and the World.

On the Feast of St Francis Xavier (3rd December once the patron saint of Australia and now the Missions) the Archbishop of Melbourne announced the preliminary phase of the cause for canonization of the extraordinary Dr Sister Mary Glowrey.

Pope Benedict draws together very skillfully the biblical, liturgical and spiritual themes which evoke the patient waiting and yet the fierce wakefulness of the expectant mother. "During the Season of Advent we shall feel the Church which takes us by the hand- and in the image of Mary Most Holy, expresses her motherhood..."

news aust fights 100AN Australian woman who has described United Nations’ policy as being subject to “anti-Christian” influence from “atheistic humanists” has received a Papal award.

Brenda Finlayson, vice president and Australian board member of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisation (WUCWO) was invested in the Order of St Gregory the Great on 7 November at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Ballarat.

Mrs Finlayson is being honoured for her service to the Church, WUCWO and the Catholic Women’s League.

Brenda-Finlayson 100Brenda Finlayson, WUCWO Vice President General and WUCWO Board Member Australia, has been awarded the Papal Honour of Dame of the Order of St. Gregory the Great in recognition of her service to the Church, WUCWO, the Catholic Women’s League Australia the Catholic Women’s League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga, and the Australian community.

aids-krohn 100Youth and hope at this month’s United Nations Department of Public Information/NGO Conference in Melbourne

Washington Auxiliary Bishop Martin D Holley blesses a sleeping child at Our Lady of Apostles Hospital in Akwanga, Nigeria on 2 September. He was visiting Ghana and Nigeria with a delegation representing the US Bishops’ Subcommittee on the Church in Africa.

Petition-for-Peace-Geneva-1932 100The International Union of Catholic Women’s League, now known as the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations (WUCWO), was founded in Brussels in 1910 following a meeting of representatives of league organisations from France, Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Lorraine, Portugal, Switzerland and Uruguay.

10 September 2009

Our Lady embraces CWL

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news our lady emb 100Women’s gifts highlighted at national conference.

The Catholic Women’s League apostolate was re-dedicated to Our Lady Help of Christians at its national conference at the Novotel Langley Perth on September 1.

That day marked day two of the conference, starting with an opening liturgy followed by a business session, with motions and recommendations from different states... Lucy Muru, 49, from Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, who came alone to WA for the conference, spoke about “the strength of Catholic women – pillars of the Church, of faith, of youth, of family life.”

news walking faith 100CWL national conference opened.

A procession of banners preceded the opening of the Catholic Women’s League’s 44th National Biennial Conference at the Novotel Langley on Monday, August 31.

The theme of the conference was “Walking with God” with the Scripture excerpt from St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, chapter 2 verses 5-7: “We walk by faith, not by sight.”

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