Changing Hearts and Minds

As recent studies and the teachings of Blessed John Paul II as well as Popes Benedict XVI and Francis recognise, what a society and its members accepts as the grounds for its ethical inspiration and authority relies on many factors. Not only are religious and secular assumptions important in influencing people, but also unspoken and intangible factors such as personal experience, peer pressures, conflicting desires and media messages. Into this complexity, Catholics are called to offer the world a new counter-cultural way of looking at human life and death. In the last decade, a whole generation of women and men have responded to these demands by becoming experts in the human and healthcare professions, by studying the deep philosophical and theological issues underlying the Church’s teachings and in different ways “walking the talk” of the “culture of life” alongside those faced with puzzling and distressing bioethical questions. The CWLA has committed its members to this approach to its bioethical work and interventions.

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