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Catholic Women's League is a non-government organisation (NGO) of 7000 women Australia-wide. In our objectives we aim to protect the interests and concerns of Australian Catholic women by conveying matters relevant to social justice, women and the family, to the Church, Government and community.

“Living the faith of our mothers”

Scriptural Basis
‘How often have I wanted to put my arms around all – as a hen gathers her brood under her wings’   Matthew 23:37

Our Mission
‘Catholic Women’s League Australia Incorporated is an organisation which enables Catholic women to participate more effectively in working for and building the Kingdom of God, with commitment courage and compassion.’

Our Vision    
To bring to this second century of Catholic Women’s League the profound faith and inspired action of the founders.

To engage all members in promoting the spiritual, cultural, intellectual and social development of women and other Objects of Catholic Women’s League Australia.

To liaise with organisations, with women and men, locally nationally and internationally, in care for people, ethical environmental justice issues and the pursuit of Peace.