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Catholic Women’s League operates in all the States of Australia and the ACT. Each State is an independent organisation representing its members at the national level.

Each State organisation has its own Constitution and Executive Committee. Also each State has its own Social Issues and Bioethics Convenors and International Secretary who keep their members informed and up to date with issues of interest to CWL members and those that have a marked affect on our society.

Each state organisation is made up of many branches with members working at a grass roots level to promote the activities of the CWL. It is here, at the local branches, that much of the work is done to support campaigns such as Pink Ribbon Day, White Ribbon Day, Wrap with Love and many other genuinely worthy causes that help change our world at local, national and international level.

Follow the links on the left to find out what’s happening in the CWL in your State. Each State page has the contact details that can put you in contact with your nearest branch.

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